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Dario Panzani
Genoa, Italy



DJ Set

Wedding music direction

V.I.P. DAY Service

  1. Dj pro (7 hours)
  2. Main audio Console Pioneer DJ
  3. Amplifier and audio speakers
V.I.P. NIGHT (7 hours)

  1. Like day service
  2. Dance lights in time to the music
  3. Necessary after dinner to dance
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Services on demand

  1. V.I.P. DAY service as base, with additional:
  2. Additional audio stations (max 3) with amplifier and speakers, necessary if the dance zone is far from the cocktail area
  3. Powered light system, necessary if you expect to dance for 2/3 hours, or for more than 100 people.
  4. Event duration 10 hours
  5. Transfer to the location
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Geographical areas and Travel

  1. The travel cost is calculated from Genoa.
    0,40€ / Km
  2. Inspection in the wedding location (if not far)
I usually work in Ligurian Riviera, Lombardy, Piedmont and Versilia, in Tuscany.

Celebrate outside this geographical area? However, tell me about your story if you feel it's extraordinary.
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Only the best for you

Where I can suggest you

In over 10 years of experience, I have worked with the best professionals in every wedding activity. Do you want to choose the best without any risk or mistake? Here is what I can suggest you:

  1. Music in church or during the civil ceremony with organist, voice + soprano, violinist or trio, string quartet
  2. Jazz band for cocktail party entertainment
  3. Professional entertainment for group dance
  4. Entertainment for children
  5. Fabulous locations
  6. Very good photographers
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  • 1. The director of your party
  • 2. The timing of the party
  • 3. The three ingredients
  • 4. The 4 foundamental songs
  • 5. Evaluate my competitors
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