Be Unconventional

It is still possible to astonish

In a world where we've seen everything, look for some useful tips on how to give a touch of uniqueness to your wedding party.

A jazz band that entertains guests, for example, is a touch of class for a mature audience who appreciates quality music.


A string quartet

A touch of class and elegance

Entertain your important guests with a selection of classic music played by a string quartet is always warranty of success.


A lantern for everyone

Let your guests play and socialize

Moments like these, as well as making the evening unforgettable, create the conditions to encourage socialization between guests, who in many cases have different ages and don't know each other.



Dedicate a special moment

Alternate moments where guests are free to entertain each other at moments when you express the desire to surround yourself with their affection.

A lovely moment with fireworks, associated with the projection of some of your most beautiful and fun pictures, is an alternative way to create attention and smile together.


Your Photos

Share the most funny moments

Make your guests smile with a short projection of your most funny photos and videos, since you were born until your day.

Treat everything with a sympathetic and ironic storytelling, and success will be guaranteed.


Group Dance

A bit of fun for adults and children

Find out how really easy it is to make everyone dancing with the most famous group dance like Waka Waka, La Bomba, Colita... even those friends and relatives who you did not believe that it was possible.


Entertain the Children

Several guests with little children?

Give them a few hours of pleasant distraction by organizing an animation service with games for little children, especially during the early stages of the welcome cocktail.


Silk Aerial Act

Beyond all expectations

Tranform your wedding party in a show, to involve your guests by giving them an indelible sign of your love.


The best Photographer

is the one who works in sync

Quite often, the guest's attention is shifted with discretion to a new phase or activity of celebrations through the musical direction.

Therefore, it's very important that the photographer works in harmony with the dj, to be always in the right place at the right time.


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