Dj set and music direction
for your wedding

A wedding without music is like a silent movie.

Have you ever been to a boring wedding? If the answer is yes, or if you don't want this happens to you, then it's clear why you need a professional DJ who cares about the musical direction.

Every wedding should be planned with care: choosing the right music for each of its phases is the most important secret to the success of the party and to make every guest included.


The right Location

makes the difference, but it's not all.

Celebrate in a beautiful location on the Ligurian Riviera, or in between the vineyards of Piedmont or in Tuscany Chianti, surely increases the appeal of your wedding party.

However, the engagement of your guests - especially in the phases where you are not physically present - depends on many factors you have to think before. And music is inevitably one of those.


The right Music

is the one that really involves everybody.

Create the right engagement is the secret to the success of your wedding party.

The choice of the music for each stage of the party plays a crucial role in engaging guests of different age who probably don't know each other.


The right Dj

thinks to all this for you.

If you are convinced about the importance of details and want to make the difference, then you are probably in the right place.

For over 10 years I do the wedding dj with professionality and passion. And every time it is a pleasure to see a smile on the mouths of everybody.


The right Final

of a magnificent story: Yours.

Cuddle your guests by making the right choices before, and they will have a wonderful day with a lot of fun.

Everyone will keep a good memory of your wedding and the attention of everyone in that wonderful day will be only for you.

Do you want to make this story, your story? My experience is at your disposal.


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