The choice of the music

A moment dedicated to every age

Thanks to the experience in choosing the right music, at your wedding no one will ever ask "When do the spouses arrive?"

Clear idea about the music for every moment of your wedding? Just know that every age has its must dance songs.


The Wedding Ceremony

(Optional service)

Would you like to give to your guests the emotion of the sweet sound of a violin, a melodious voice singing the Ave Maria, or the magic atmosphere created by the sound of an organ during the wedding ceremony?

On request it's possible to obtain the following solutions, classical or modern, that made happy all the spouses:

  1. Organ
  2. Organ + voice
  3. Organ + voice + soprano
  4. Organ + violin + voice
  5. String trio or quartet + voice
  6. Music with Dj (only for civil ceremony)


The Welcome Cocktail

Give the right first impression

The cocktail is really important because it is the beginning of the reception. In this phase we give to the guests the general impression - which is hardly modifiable later - of what will be the continuation of the wedding party.

By waiting the spouses, the guests begin to relax with tasting a drink, and it is important that the musical accompaniment is suitable for all ages, so that no one feels excluded from the celebration.

For all these reasons, the music of the reception is very selected, chosen over many years of experience and enriched with the latest hits that seem to be perfect for the occasion.


Lunch or Dinner

A relaxing musical background

The lunch or dinner of your wedding party will be accompanied with soft music, ideal as a background. You will entertain your guests with songs from yesterday and today (from Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones), with a moderate volume to make dialogue easy and enjoyable at the table.


The first Dance

A touch of romanticism

The cut of the cake is generally the moment of the romanticism, where the spouses dance hugged their love songs and remember together the most important moments of their love story.

At this point, the experience of the dj becomes fundamental to create the right atmosphere, so that the attention of the guests in the hall is gradually addressed to the bridal couple just in the moment in which they share with each other a magical moment of intimacy.


Fire in the Hole!

The beginning of the dance party

Finally the real party begins with a mix of '70/'80 revival songs, group dances, rock n 'roll, pop and dance hits. If you want to create for your guests the ideal atmosphere for the party, the music is much more beautiful and engaging when accompanied by light effects. Finally, I strongly recommend to agree in advance with the location the hours to which the dance can be extended.


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