Who are You?

First at all

This is the first question a wedding Dj should ask you. What are the peculiarities and character traits of you, spouses?

This answer will personalize the atmosphere of your wedding, so that it really reflects your attitudes and expectations.


Dario Panzani

Wedding Dj

It took a long time and dedication to specialize myself in getting a smile like this from the spouses. But whenever it happens, my passion for music is rewarded with a no price emotion.

Here is the main reason why I'm doing this wonderful job for more than 12 years with the same enthusiasm of the first day.


At your disposal

Sometimes... also in Venice

I usually work in Genoa and Ligurian Riviera, Lombardy, Piedmont and Versilia, in Tuscany.

Celebrate outside this geographical area? However, tell me about your story if you feel it's extraordinary.


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