Nobody was dancing

not even the Spouses

Have you ever heard this sentence at a wedding party? Sleep quiet until your ”Yes“, it will not happen to you too.

A magnificent story. From the entertainment of the guests during the welcome cocktail, to the growing of attentions for the protagonists: You


Create engagement

is an art that makes the difference

To entertain the guests of your wedding party with the most appropriate musical direction, it's essential for me to understand first at all your attitudes and expectations.

Only then, I will be able to spend more than ten years of experience in this magnificent job to make unique your wedding celebration.


Amaze your guests

by exceeding all their expectations

The choice of the right music for every phase of your wedding party and the group dance to involve guests of every age.

The music direction is more than a easy sequence of songs. At least if you want to make the difference.


Every moment is Special

just with the right Atmosphere

Accompany her in the last dance before she flies away. The emotions of a moment that only a father can understand.

Years of specialization and experience. To give always something more, which enhances and makes unique any unrepeatable moment.


Be Unconventional

” Everything was so obvious “

There are a lot of margins that allow you to amaze, the script of a marriage is not already written in the beginning.

A collection of useful ideas I have seen at marriages and a selection of dream locations.


True Stories

of a perfect wedding party

Find out what couples of different countries tell about me concerning my music direction service.

5 stars on wedding awards of since 2011. Over 75 reviews 100% positive.

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